John Gardner Talks

Forthcoming Talks by John Gardner

  • On 4 March at 12.00: John Gardner is giving a talk on ‘The Leverhulme project, Measurement, Tolerance and Form’. This is an online lecture for the Oxford Brookes University centre, ‘Materialities’. Please contact Brookes here if you would like to attend.

Previous Talks

‘The Rising’

  • On Friday 8 January the University of Glasgow School held a public event on 200 years of the 1820 Scottish Radical Uprising. This was attended by around one hundred people from all over the world. The day included a lecture by John Gardner on plays inspired by the rebellions in 1820. The talk focussed particularly on dramas by James Kelman on James Wilson’s march to Cathkin; and by Hector MacMillan on the attempt by a group of men to take the Carron Iron Works. This became known as the Battle of Bonnymuir. Thanks to Professor Gerard Carruthers and Dr Moira Hansen for organising the event and recording the lecture. You can view the talk here:

‘Shelley’s “Sublime Archimedean Art”‘

Inaugural Lecture

Here is a link to John Gardner’s Inaugural lecture as professor: ‘Machines made out of words

Other Talks

  • Below is a link to an interview on the Leverhulme Trust Fellowship:

Interview on the Leverhulme Project

  • Here is a link to the Powerpoint of a talk on Mechanics’ Institutes that John Gardner gave at the Society of Antiquaries in July 2017:

The Emergence of Mechanics’ Institutes

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